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The inclusive children's book
from MiniMovers

Imparts knowledge about disabilities, interactively with games and fun.


The book


Hand drawn with heart

During the first Corona lockdown, I picked up a pencil and started illustrating the children's book - without even drawing beforehand!


Directly from practice!

After 5 years of working as a social worker in special schools for children with disabilities, I realized that we have to break down prejudices about disabilities from an early age!


Fun guaranteed!

The 60 game and craft ideas for the book take up the topic of the respective book page. This is how they convey strong values in a child-friendly way – creatively and playfully!


Happy children's voices

“What an enchanting, versatile, entertaining, inspiring, extremely positive, easy to understand, open, strengths-oriented, encouraging, cheerful and simply wonderful book!!!”

“My many years of working with children allow me to describe this book as an excellent educational book. You have the opportunity to introduce children to “being different” in a playful way, using all their senses.”

"A book, no not just a book but an experience that everyone should have. Simply a "must have" for every household!"

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Why a children's book about inclusion?

Children need children's books to learn about the world. They connect the stories with their own experiences and experiences in order to be able to classify them. Literature is therefore not an escape from everyday life, as is often the case with adults. Rather, children's books are doors to reality. They shape the way children think and strengthen their social skills. A children's book about inclusion shows the advantages of a diverse society and thus conveys important values such as respect and fairness towards diversity. 

Known from...


“Because friendships have no boundaries”


– Contribution on Radio SRF 1 from January 7th, 2023


“Hats in conversation”


 – Article on Schaffhausen television from December 22nd, 2022


“The meaningful vernissage”


– Article in Schaffhausen 24 from December 6th, 2022

About me

Social worker by day, author by night 😉


Born in 1994 in a village with as many inhabitants as cows, I had to study social work to realize that inclusion is only possible if society is “ready”.


Find out more about my story here 👇

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