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Printed version only available in German.

Shipping only to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 


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  • Happy children

  • Contribution to a better world

Available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. ​Language can be selected in the next step. 

Available to order worldwide.

About 1000 happy ones

Customers & Customers

At your home in a few days

Age requirement 0-8 years

Social & Ecologically


The children's book contains 60 game and craft ideas and over 20 templates.

CHF 5 per book will be donated to the support association for children with rare diseases.

The price includes shipping costs.

Why buy a children's book?

  • Promotes inclusive thinking

  • Conveys fairness and respect

  • Strengthens social skills

  • Explains our real world 

  • Shows the beauty of versatility

  • Play and craft ideas for everyday life

  • Guaranteed fun for the whole family


Happy children's voices

“The book is wonderful and I feel such great strength in it and an incredibly positive energy. Thank you for your heartfelt work for inclusion!”

“A great children's book that not only makes children's eyes light up. The many craft and game ideas and the portraits complete this extraordinary book”

“Thank you for this important, inspiring book written with so much love. It belongs in all institutions that work with children and of course also on the private bookshelf. This passion project is a real enrichment!”

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About me

Social worker by day, author by night 😉


Born in 1994 in a village with as many inhabitants as cows, I had to study social work to realize that inclusion is only possible if society is “ready”.


Find out more about my story here 👇

Known from...


“Because friendships have no boundaries”


– Contribution on Radio SRF 1 from January 7th, 2023


“Hats in conversation”


 – Article on Schaffhausen television from December 22nd, 2022


“Interactive children’s book on the topic of inclusion”


– Article in the Tagesanzeiger from November 29th, 2021

Why a children's book about inclusion?

Children need children's books to learn about the world. They connect the stories with their own experiences and experiences in order to be able to classify them. Literature is therefore not an escape from everyday life, as is often the case with adults. Rather, children's books are doors to reality. They shape the way children think and strengthen their social skills. A children's book about inclusion shows the advantages of a diverse society and thus conveys important values such as respect and fairness towards diversity. 

Two people outside together

Donate to the support association for children with rare diseases

We give back!


CHF 5 per book will be donated to the support association for children with rare diseases

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