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Here you will find all the latest information from the media about my book and me.


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All the articles about the children's book and Mini Movers in the media mean a lot to me. I would like to thank everyone who makes this possible and would be happy to be able to tell you about Mini Movers too


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With her interactive children's book, Melanie Spescha breaks down inhibitions between children with and without disabilities - with a touching story about limitless friendship. The social worker is convinced that if we sensitize the youngest members of our society to “being different,” the beauty of our diverse society will be noticeable in the future.

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With her interactive children's book, Melanie Spescha breaks down inhibitions between children with and without disabilities. With a touching story about limitless friendship, the author raises awareness of the beauty of our diverse society.

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Melanie Spescha, who is a guest on the show “Hüt im Gschprööch” today, used the Corona period and the lockdown extremely creatively. The social worker wrote and drew a children's book and also included game instructions. The goal: to promote the integration of children with disabilities.

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Last Saturday, December 3rd, the Schaffhausen Disability Conference invited young and old to the International Disability Day at the Hotel Kronenhof. The focus was on the topic of inclusion.

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“Many people are afraid of contact with disabled people”

Special education teacher Melanie Spescha believes that society is not ready to integrate people with disabilities. She wants to help change that with her interactive children's book.


Melanie Spescha talks to me about her recently published children's book, Mini Movers, about happiness in Africa and what you can learn from people with disabilities.


SRF Podcast: SOS - Sick of Silence, June 13, 2022

“I want to break down inhibitions and promote acceptance”


Melanie wrote the children's book "Nobody is too small to be a special friend" and wants to break down prejudices against people with disabilities. It is important to her to give children a voice and she talks about her own challenging experiences in childhood. 

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Winterthurer Zeitung, March 19, 2022

More openness and tolerance

With her interactive children's book, Melanie Spescha wants to create points of contact between children with and without disabilities

Start with the little ones: Melanie Spescha has written a book to raise children's awareness of the topic of inclusion.

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 09.21.41.png

Andelfinger Zeitung, March 1, 2022

Children's books are intended to soften inhibitions

Friendship and disability determine the plot in Melanie Spescha's interactive children's book. She implemented her idea in just eight months and now has the hot-off-the-press copies in her hand.


Radio TOP, February 28, 2022

Rare diseases – numerous people affected

Contrary to what the word suggests, rare diseases are not that rare. There are up to 8,000 rare diseases worldwide. In Switzerland the number of patients is estimated at half a million people.

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Frauenfelder News, January 31, 2022

Interactive children's book drives inclusion

The support association for children with rare diseases and the social worker Melanie Spescha are jointly launching the interactive children's book "Inclusion - No one is too small to be a special friend" about friendship and disability. Goal: the sustainable promotion of inclusion in daycare, kindergarten, school and society.


Tagesanzeiger, health portal, November 29, 2021

Your parents are doing incredible things!

350,000 children and young people in Switzerland are affected by a rare disease. The Support Association for Children with Rare Diseases (KMSK) connects these families with each other, provides direct financial aid and anchors the topic in the public eye. In the future, two new projects will help families after the diagnosis and convey the topic of inclusion to healthy children aged 4-8.

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