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No one is too small to be a special friend

An interactive and inclusive customer book about friendship and disability


The idea

The idea is simple:

Small children are curious, open, tolerant and eager to learn. If they are already used to dealing with people with disabilities, it is natural for them to include everyone in their jobs, decisions and everyday life even in adulthood. 

The goal of MiniMovers is to impart knowledge through games and fun, create encounters, promote limitless friendships and actually take a step towards a more inclusive future. 


Break down prejudices, stigma and inhibitions through knowledge


Recognize inclusive leisure activities to promote limitless friendships


Open up conversations about different topics and thereby remove taboos and normalize them


Strengthen the self-confidence of all children


Use the openness of young children to educate them about “being different” and how to deal with it respectfully


Have a lot of fun! :)

Happy children's voices


“A very meaningful and lovingly written book that completely convinced me. A complete package that only a few other books offer and at a very fair price."

“The children love the story and always want to try out the craft ideas. The educational games offer a lot of fun with little effort every time. Absolute recommendation!”

“My daughter has been asking a lot lately why she has a hearing impairment. It is important for them to see that there are other children with disabilities. We tell stories from the book every evening.”

That's how it's done:

Togetherwith your book you will receive the access password to theInstructionson this website.This is how you can follow the instructions with theIdeas and templates Simply click to open, download and print.

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Strong values

A meaningful story with strong values

Eli the elephant meets six animals that walk, breathe, hear or see differently. It shows the beauty of difference and creates a wonderful friendship - they are not as different as we initially thought! 

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60 game and craft ideas

You will receive 60 game and craft instructions for the book. These take up the topic of the respective book page and are designed so that you can do them at any time at home using conventional objects. For example, the children can understand what certain impairments might feel like. You will also find team-building activities or game ideas for the different hobbies of the animals in the book, creative craft ideas and much more. Let yourself be surprised! 

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Creative templates

Over 20 Creative Templates!

As simple as that: all you need is a printer and off you go! The pedagogical templates couldn't be more different. You can expect board games, coloring and craft templates for the animals in the book, musical learning, movement activities, emotional training, sign exercises and much more!

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10 exciting portraits!

My highlight of the book? Clearly: the great portraits at the end of the story! It was particularly important to me at the end to portray children and young people who are rocking life with the disabilities that appear in the book. However, the focus is not on her impairment, but on her favorite hobby - just like with the animals in the book. Look forward to 10 unique kids and their exciting stories! 

Let's go limitless together
Promote friendship!

Don't just become part of the Mini Movers, become your loved one a friends with games and fun!

The idea

With free programs and no budget, I used every free minute from April to December 2021 alongside my two jobs and started drawing. I wrote texts, collected game and craft ideas, tested them out, created templates, photographed the portraits with my dad, shot the explanatory video and drank a lot of coffee ;) One thing after another came about, partners and patrons came along and my heart's project " MiniMovers" was born!

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Known from...


“I want to break down inhibitions and promote acceptance”


– Article in the SRF Virus Podcast “SOS - Sick of Silence” from June 13th, 2022


“More openness and tolerance”


 – Article in the Winterthurer Zeitung from March 19, 2022


“Children’s books contribute to inclusion”


- Article on Radio TOP from February 28th, 2022 

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